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Welcome to the Special Excursions Travel Club.

Based in Southern California we provide socialization opportunities for our members in a safe and friendly environment. There are no membership dues or fees. You do need to be 18 years of age to join and have a developmental disability.  All of our members are 
participants in California Regional Center supported employment and community living programs.  Almost everyone is able to get around independently using the Los Angeles County METRO system, the Metro Link and AMTRAK. We have members who are being served by North Los Angeles County Regional Center, Tri-Counties Regional Center, Kern Regional Center, San Gabriel Pomona Regional Center

Inland Regional Center and Far Northern Regional Center.

To apply for membership all you have to do is fill out the 3 page
membership application form and send it in.  If we have not worked with the individual who is applying then we will schedule an interview.  We love to have our new members join us on those day trips. It gives them a chance to meet other people in the program. 

A lot of friendships develop during those one day excursions around Southern California.   

We have two methods of arranging tours. Choose from our scheduled tours listed on the tour page. The second method is a

tour or an event that our members put together.  As of 2015 the majority of our scheduled tours were put together by our members.

To see the scheduled tours please take a look at the tour page.